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The 400mg Hoodia Capsule Myth

The 400mg Hoodia Capsule Myth

How much Hoodia Gordonii you get in one supplement has always been at the center of the Hoodia debate.

With many companies opting to include other ingredients within their capsules, finding one that is 100% pure is hard enough as it is, without having to also find one that will offer you the maximum weight loss results.

According to recent studies it has been found that consumers need to take between 2,250 to 3,000mg of Hoodia Gordonii per day to effectually suppress their appetite and lose weight.

Working under that assumption, and the fact that many hoodia companies will tell you to take only 3 to 4 of their supplements every day, it is logical that you will need to take 400mg of genuine Hoodia Gordonii in order to feel its full effects. Click here to discover the only hoodia capsule we recommend with over 400mg of pure hoodia.

Yet despite this well acknowledged fact, Alkemist Pharmaceuticals have found that most Hoodia supplements only contain 25mg. Just a sixteenth of what you really need.

But this is not the worse of it. Look on the web and almost all leading Hoodia Gordonii supplements claim to offer 400mg. So if that is right, are Alkemist pharmaceuticals wrong in their estimation?

No. What you are witnessing here is the extent of these companies lies to draw you in.

Take a look at the following leading competitors:

Pure Hoodia Gordonii Extract (500mg)

Now, before you get excited that this one is 500mg per capsule, this is an extract. Meaning, this supplement is far from being made from pure 100% Hoodia Gordonii.

Hoodia Gordonii (400mg)

This one may contain 400mg per capsule, but priced at just £18.49 and the price is just too low to be a genuine Hoodia Gordonii.

100% Pure Hoodia Gordonii (700mg)

This one looks promising too, but with 100 tablets priced at only £24.99, it is hard to believe that they would offer extra pure Hoodia Gordonii in one tablet, plus 100 tablets of it at such a low price? Especially when the plant is so rare.

See what we mean? With so many Hoodia supplements claiming to offer you the 400mg you need to suppress your appetite, it is hard to believe Alkemist pharmaceuticals statement.

Who are the genuine and who are the fake?

One sure way is to compare the prices and package sizing like we have done above. But the best way, and the one we thoroughly recommend is to check their clinical backing. Who has tested them? What certificates of proof have they got?

Take UniqueHoodia for example. They have been clinically tested by not just Alkemist pharmaceuticals but by reputable company CNL.

460mg Of Pure Hoodia

460mg Of Pure Hoodia

And proof of this testing can be found on their website, all readily available for your perusal.

Taking their backing into consideration, and extra 60mg of Hoodia Gordonii you can get in one capsule (460mg in total). What they are offering is incredible.

This makes their further claims all the more realistic and desirable:

  • 100% pure unaltered Hoodia Gordonii
  • 2,000 daily calorie reductions
  • 10,000 times the productivity of glucose at suppressing your appetite
  • Increased energy and self esteem

Read our full review of UniqueHoodia by clicking here.

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Article Source: Weight Loss Reviews
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